Jonathan, 14
Drew isn’t a music teacher. He is more than that. He’s a music superstar… who teaches.

Drew helps me get the notes right and make them sound nice. He isn’t one of those super picky and strict teachers, he picks out the mistakes and let’s you keep them in mind so you won’t make them anymore.

Drew also lets me choose what music I want to sing, which is actually really important to me. In the past, I had gotten teachers who made me sing Disney songs meant for tenors when I am a baritone; with Drew, I could pick any song to sing. He doesn’t insist on not doing it, he encourages me to hit the high F when my range is only up to a D. Without Drew, my highest note was a D or a D#, but when we started lessons, my range grew and is now up to a G#.

Another great thing about Drew is that he loves and has an understanding for all types of music, from classical to Green Day. A great thing he does is he plays and accompaniment he makes up on the spot for each song, and the accompaniment actually sounds and matches the various genre the song is from.

To sum everything up, Drew is one of the best music teachers out there. His use of humor, his methods, his lessons, and mostly his love of music continue to make me grow as a singer and an artist.

Annette, 21
Drew's a wonderful teacher! Very fun and entertaining to learn from, and he never makes a lesson boring.